Joe calls Bob on the phone

Joe: I have an opinion.

Bob: Interesting, I disagree with your opinion.

Joe: WHAT!?! You're a bad person! -I'm going to call the phone company and have them block *every* single person with your area code from calling or texting *every* single person from MY area code!

Bob: What? Won't the affect literally thousands of people who have nothing to do with this conversation?

Joe: Yes. but... you made me angry

Bob: uh... ok

i dont like this admin's political opinion so:

this guy just argued with me so:

this guy is not blocking some domain i blocked for no reason so:

that's it. that's most fedi admins in a nutshell.

I looked at a public timeline of some instance and half of it was block recomendations, what the heck.

i am birthday bitch. for real. please give this disabled horrible mess of a queer system everything you own today :)

birthday boost me cowards

Theres so much cyber bullying on mastodon. Where can i find the nice people?

Does anyone remember when radical Christians tried to censor video games? lol

It's so hard to convince friends to join mastodon

I miss having discussion in philosophy class. The entire exercise was so healthy & thought provoking. If you try to have that online everyone just gets mad and start calling you names before blocking you. What would that look like in real life?

me: I'm not sure about that
them: WHAT? you dissagree with me? You're a bad person! *runs away*

It's my 2nd week after deleting Facebook and it feels good.

I'm new to running my own instance, if you can read this leave a comment!

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