Theres so much cyber bullying on mastodon. Where can i find the nice people?

@Cyrax Seriously? I haven't noticed that, unless one is spouting extreme views. But other than that, haven't seen much.

@marathon my first experience was really bad. I dissagreed with some lady about something and she took screenshots and told everyone to block my instance lol

@Cyrax That's too bad - You must have been on a conservative fascist instance?

@marathon i dont remember it was weeks ago.. anyway cute avatar, is that the reddit guy?

@Cyrax Good question. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

@Cyrax I can be one. See if you have a difference of opinion I won't block you. That's like major as overnight most of mastodon became bitter over gab. I think folks are still in Facebook mode requiring a distraction to absorb their time.

Cyber bullying? Only stumbled upon one neo nazi, that I had to block. Otherwise nice ppl. :)

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